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    Consulting firm specialized in the protection of intellectual and industrial property and obtaining patents, trademarks and design registration in Italy, European Union and abroad.

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    Specialized professional consulting for over 30 years

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    Centro Direzionale Isola E, 1

    80143 Napoli - Italia

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  • "Alterius not sit qui suus potest - Let no one be another's who can be one's own"


  • Tools of protection for individuals and businesses

    Studio GD D'Alto is a consultino firm specialized in the protection of industrial and intellectual property in Naples. Founded in 1986, it employs a team of consultants and experts able to provide full and complete support to its customers, even in the courts. The company founded by Grazia D'Alto comes alive from the idea that an invention, intellectual work, as well as a brand, is an integral part of the personal identity or corporate, and, for that reason, requires to be adequately protected and safeguarded. In a highly competitive and globalized world as the one of today, the protection of industrial and intellectual property is emerging more and more as fundamental in order to escape from the risk of violations and misuse of what is the result one’s work and genius. In the case of companies, in addition, the threat is also represented by the possibility that their name can be confused or wrongly associated with that of the competition, with inevitable repercussions and damages of the corporate image and brand reputation.

    The means of protection for which it provides advice are identified in full compliance with existing national, European and international regulations and are able to protect the client, his/her work or his/her company.

  • Obtaining patents and filing marks by Studio GD D'Alto in Naples

    A protection of intellectual property in Naples, the Neapolitan company offers a broad portfolio of complete solutions, identified according to the specificities of the case. The GD consultants, all duly registered with their professional competence, have the technical knowledge and experience needed to assist in specific areas (patents, trademarks registration, designs, copyright, trademark searches, technical and legal reports , etc.). For assistance in the framework of foreign practices, moreover, we use the corresponding qualified support, located in different European countries and abroad. The experience in the field, the high professionalism of the team of consultants and the great specialization have led the company to qualify as a landmark in the field. The proof of this position of absolute leadership is a vast and high-profile customer clientele, within which you can have very successful firms of national and international reputation. The range of services is wide and able to adapt to individual needs, with the aim of providing a complete assistance in every phase of submission and filling in the application, up to the support in case of any legal disputes. The study has been since 1993 located at the Management Center of Naples, the center of the city and regional economy, as well as easily reachable area both by car and by public transportation.

  • Areas of Expertise

  • Patents


    Consulting firm GD D'Alto specializes in the protection of Intellectual Property and has its historical headquarters in Naples. It provides professional assistance in obtaining patents.

  • Marks registration

    Marks registration

    Qualified consultants provide assistance for registration of trademarks to protect the company's identity.

  • Designs


    Qualified consultants look after all those who wish to protect designs through the registration of them.

  • “Grandfather” rights’ searches

    “Grandfather” rights’ searches

    Consultants are involved in accurate “Grandfather” rights’ searches for trademarks and trade names.

  • Copyright


    The study GD D'Alto deals with advice for the protection of Copyright.

  • Legal and technical consultancy

    Legal and technical consultancy

    Technical - legal advice can also be given, offering assistance in judicial proceedings for disputes/ litigations.

  • Evaluations


    The skills include the preparation of technical advice and expertise in support of proceedings on counterfeiting of trademarks, patents and designs.

  • Contacts


    For information or consultings you can contact the study "GD D'Alto" through our form, telephone number (+39 081 5628101) or e-mail.

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